About the CCFJ


The Centre canadien de français juridique inc. (CCFJ) is a high-intensity targeted training centre for public and private parties dealing with Canadian legal systems.

The mission of the CCFJ is to improve access to justice in French across the country by providing opportunities to all those working in legal systems in Canada; namely provincial departments of Justice, judges, police forces, and private sector jurists; to hone their French legal vocabulary, chiefly in the field of criminal law.

More specifically, the CCFJ aims to:

  • increase the number of French legal terminology training opportunities and to improve the quality of said training;
  • increase the number of networking opportunities among those who work in Canadian legal systems;
  • increase French legal terminology training capacity.


The CCFJ was created in January 2010 with, among its other goals, the desire to contribute to the efforts of the Department of Justice of Canada to improve French training in the field of Justice.

Thus, in order to support the judicial system’s ability to meet its obligation to provide quality legal services in both of Canada’s official languages – a goal declared important by the Department of Justice – the CCFJ calls upon practicing experts.

In recent years, the CCFJ team has been at the centre of training for public and private parties involved in legal systems across the country.